St Mary's Church, Billingshurst


When someone dies there are so many questions and things to be done. Family and friends need to be told, a funeral organised, and there are legal issues to be attended to.

It may be that the person has died in Hospital or a Care Home, and staff there should be able to assist in the more immediate arrangements. If a person dies at home, the GP should be informed.

The Funeral Director (undertaker) will remove the body and will liaise with the next of kin concerning arrangements.

If you would like a funeral service in St Mary's, or conducted by a member of St Mary's staff at a Crematorium or Cemetery, tell the Funeral Director, who will then make contact with the church office.

Often the family contacts the church office before a Funeral Director has been appointed, and that is absolutely fine. We are here to offer support, and if it is easier simply to phone and ask for help, please do so – and we will do what we can.