St Mary's Church, Billingshurst

Small Groups

One of the best places to grow in faith and to get to know others at church is in a Small Group. It is also the best way of giving and receiving pastoral care.

What is a Small Group?

These groups are at the very heart of church life; people gathering to learn to love God and cultivate a healthy life with Him - through prayer, Bible study and many other spiritual disciplines. Small Groups are safe places where we can build, strengthen and deepen our faith. These groups also exist to provide pastoral care - places in which friendships are born and nurtured; where we share and are listened to; where we are held accountable; prayed for and served.

Most groups are open to anyone, whilst others have a specific focus - mums with new babies, for example.

How do I join a Small Group?

There are a variety of ways to join a Small Group at St Mary's. Perhaps the best way is when church members invite friends or those that they meet on Sundays to their Small Group. But if you are new to the church and do not know anyone, we can help you to find a group. You can fill in a Welcome card on a Sunday or email us.

It is up to you which group you settle at; you may wish to try one or two before committing to one to see what suits you. We encourage everyone to join a Small Group as a key part of being a member of the local church.